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Climbing in Catalunya, Oliana

torek, 30. december 2014, ob 08:59, Boris Štupar, ogledov: 822

Mina Markovič: This year I've decided, to spend part of my after competition break and training rest a bit different way. It's been quite a long time ago, that I've spent a proper amount of time with still some after-comp shape on rocks.

Just after finishing with last national comp (PDK), I depart to Catalunya. The plan was, to stay for about good 2 weeks, mostly in Oliana or places near it. The weather was not always really generous with us, but surrounded with good company, nice rocks and very good routes, it was possible to get motivated and climb even in those conditions.

The trip was definitely very successful and will stay in my memory for a long time. Quality days spend outdoors with people, who you love the most and things, which you like the most to do. Relaxing and inspiring.

All foto: Luka Fonda,
Mind control 8c+, Oliana
In those days I did 10 rotes 8b or harder, including Mind control 8c+ (3rd go), Fish eye 8c, Full equip 8c, El gran blau 8b+/8c, Gorillas en la niebla 8b+, 3 rotes 8b (2nd go), onsighted Humildes pa casa 8b+ and 3 other 8a+'s ... For none of those rotes I didn't need more than 5 tries, so all the 'projects' and 'hard stuff' still staid untuchable and will wait there for me for another trip :)

But, as everything, also this trip came to an end. Unfortunately. Time to go home and give your body and soul some proper rest. Also time, to spend with family and friends ... Very nice and value things too ...

But still, can't wait for new season & trainigs to start! :)


Mina Markovič

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