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"Big Wall" Climbing
from Sfinga 
Screenplay & directing: Gregor Kresal
DOP & editing: Rožle Bregar
»Grips«: Dejan Miškovič, Davor Rozman
Production: Sfinga Pro, Dec. 2013
Filmed with: Sony FS 700, Canon 5D mark II
Music: Ennio Morricone’s trilogy
(The good the bad and the ugly, A fistfull of dollars, For a few dollars more)
The Story:
In Slovenian climbing clubs there's a tradition of ceremonies, where newborn alpinists, which already passed their last examination, should answer a few tricky questions. Only then they become real alpinists. Of course they have no idea for the right answer. But, as a kind of introduction, we first let them know what they're doing wrong – and here comes the movie. This time the subjects of accusation were: doping in alpinism, "bik vol" climbing and global warming glaciers. Originally there are six sequences it the movie. This is the part 1, with the first three of them. Eventhough one of the four candidates couldn't film with us, there was a way to include her.
Big Wall or Bik Vol?
The title is a game of the words »bik« and »vol« since we pronounce »big wall« as »bik vol«. In Slovenian language bik is a bull and vol is an ox – a castrated bull.
The Movie:
The main goal for this short project was to make everything within 24 hours. From writting the script to final editing. Without any help of the sound or lighting technicians and other assistants, what's obvious, but it was a kind of self-homework. I also refused to make »reply« shots and almost all the footage used, is our first shot. At the end it actually took us one day an a half to complete it.
Subtitles will come soon...




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 Sfinga: "Big Wall" Climbing - Bik vol ... in sprejem med izbrane

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