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Ko se mu pod nogami odpelje velik plaz

9.NEWS 29.12.2013

KUSA - A new video shows the moment a skier triggered an avalanche in Rocky Mountain National Park.

A skier captured the heart-stopping moment the snow cracked underneath him as he sped along, triggering an avalanche.

Chris Stillwell was filming using a camera mounted on his helmet while skiing on a sunny day in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

Suddenly, cracks split the snow in front of him, creating a trench that he cannot avoid plunging into.

sreda, 1. januar 2014, ob 05:29, Jernej Burkeljca, ogledov: 1016

Chris Stillwell/9.news - plaz na Tombstone Ridge v Skalnem gorovju

Dailymail.co.uk - Incredible moment


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