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The frist festival of vertical films in Serbia and Montenegro

petek, 4. november 2005, ob 09:17, Maja Belimezov, ogledov: 986

The frist festival
of vertical films in Serbia and Montenegro

To whom it may concern,

We are Petzl and Beal distributor in Serbia and Montenegro. We initiated and are now organizing an interesting event, and ask for your help.

The event will be organized during winter sports trade fair in Belgrade, in one of the fair halls. It will last four days, from December 8-11, where we expect at least 15.000 visitors, and it’s actually composed of two parallel events. The one will be the first vertical sports champioship of Serbia and Montenegro, while the other will be the frist festival of vertical films.

The first vertical sports champioship is aimed at promoting several „vertical“ sports such as: mountaineering, alpine climbing, free climbing, caving, boldering and canyoning, to the general public, in other words, to all those who have never practiced such sports before. Our goal is present those sports through some sort of a fair of vertical sports where both professionals and amateurs could take part in different activities, with a primar goal of promoting these sports, making them attractive, enjoyable and more easier accessible activities for young population, usually more interested in other popular sports. We want to attract as many young people who had never practiced vertical sports before, make them interested, let them know where they can practice, and make their involvement and joining the clubs as easy as possible.

The other event that will be held at the same time in a separate space will be the first festival of vertical films. The goal of this event will be more or less the same, to make all visitors more interested in vertical sports.

This is where we need you help and would highly appreciate it. If you can, please feel free to send us any video material from your country you might have, or people you know have, or teams you sponsored have in the fields of mountaineering, alpine climbing, free climbing, bouldering, canyoning, and rescuing.

The films should be put on a DVD in a form of an AVI or other file format that can be played on a computer. Films should not be longer than 60 min, and you can send as many as you can. In this way you will help us to make various and more interesting set of films to offer to the visitors in those four days. This isn’t an official festival with strict rules and big prizes, it’s rather informal event that should inform, entertain and inform the visitors about the interesting world of vertical sports, offer them an opportunity to see films from different countries, and make them interested in joining clubs and start practicing the sports themselves.

If you are willing to help us, feel free to send us the material you have or can obtain. All the films should arrive by November 18th in order to be included in the program. If you need some additional information, you can send me an e-mail. The address to which the films should be sent is our company’s address:

Atrax Equipment
Bul.vojvode Misica 14
(Beogradski Sajam, Hala 1)
11000 Beograd, Serbia and Montenegro

Miroslav SAVIC
Marketing & PR manager
Atrax Eqiupment
[email protected]

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