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Lhotse South Face

YouTube, 16.04.18 - Masashi:  Lhotse of South Face near Chhukhung

YouTube 26.11.2014 - PARMAInternational


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YouTube (17.03.2018): Slovenska odprava leta 1981 v južno steno Lotseja ...

K2 Treks Tours Pakistan / Objavljeno je bilo 17. mar. 2018

The 1981 Slovenian expedition to Lhotse South Face was probably the hardest climb ever made at the time and showed that even the hardest routes could be climbed by experienced and determined teams. Led by the inspirational Aleš Kunaver, they were the first team to tackle the main part of the South Face making a very difficult route and overcoming avalanches through staying in ice caves and climbing early in the morning. Andrej Štremfelj, Pavel Podogornik and Nejc Zaplotnik reached a high point of 8250m before having to turn back. Then Franček Knez (who sadly died last year) and Vanja Matijevec made a very dangerous traverse on unstable snow to reach the top of the Face, but well to the left of the summit. Below is an extract from “Lhotse 1981- Južna stena”, the film made about the Slovenian ascent.

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