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Jacek Bronowski, sreda, 24. maj 2000, ob 14:30


My name is Jacek Bronowski. I'm 29 years old polish. I like to hiking and


I'm interested in spending about 7 to 14 days in Slovenia.

I'm looking for some informations (f.e. climbing quide-book) about Slovenian

rock-climbing areas.

I prefer rather recreational climbing (dificulties frm UIAA IV to VII) on

the 20 to 200 m high walls, like in Arco (Italy) region or Pilistein


I don't interested in climbing at big walls in mountains f.e. Triglav etc.

Could you suggest me some pleasent climbing areas with interesting, middle

lenght (over 30 m), not very dificult climbing routes. I will be very hapy,

when you give me some practical informations (when is the best perid to

climb in this area, where can I sleep (tent), etc.

I found in internet short info about book "Climbing Guide Plezalisca

Slovenije" by Tomo Cesen (http://www.tris-a.si/pzs/ka-sp.htm). There is

possibility to buy this guide-book by WWW?

There are some Slovenian internet book-shop where can I buy climbing

quide-books with Visa Card?

I found in internet (http://www.kiss.uni-lj.si/~k4fm0089/) short infos about

two areas:

- pod Reško Planino and

- Cerjan

but climbing routes in this areas are rather very short (I thik).

Sorry for my poor english...

I will br very glad to recive your answer.

Jacek Bronowski, Poland

[email protected]



Leska, četrtek, 25. maj 2000, ob 11:05


there are probably no areas like Arco in Slovenia.

But there are some nice crags for sport climbing (mostly short, 10-40m long bolted routes) and some interesting walls in the Alps.


For sport climbs:

-- guide book Slovenia (Prezelj, Cedilnik): almost all crags in Slovenia, english-italian-german. You can buy it in most climbing stores (see

http://www.pzs.si/pzs/koledar.nsf/htmlmedia/body_ponudniki_opreme.htm for a list). In most of them you can pay by plastic (probably also with Visa).

For on-line order go to www.sidarta.si

-- on Internet: see Clinks for a list of links

For alpine climbs:

- different guidebooks- for a list see


- on net: not much, AFAIK, for a list see:


HTH, Bojan


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